George Clooney and Sarah LarsonGeorge Clooney has reportedly been “warned off” his girlfriend Sarah Larson by an anonymous phone message.

George played the message for a New Yorker magazine reporter recently and according to the New York Post, a calm, adult man can be heard saying: “Dude, your friends asked me to give you a message: Dump the b*tch before you’re sorry!”

Even though he’s a known prankster himself, George didn’t think the message was a joke on him (because “none of my friends would do that”) and asked his driver, a former police officer, to investigate the call. The message was traced back to a pre-pay mobile phone but the caller hadn’t used a credit card to pay for the phone or calls, so the path ended there.

Sarah, who worked as a promotional model and cocktail waitress in Las Vegas after winning Fear Factor in 2005, added that she is annoyed at the gossip surrounding her just because she used to work in Sin City: “They say that I’m a stripper. There’s a ton of stuff about that. I’ve never been a stripper. You know, just because I’m from Las Vegas, I must be a stripper. Because I’m a cocktail server, that means I’m an escort.”

Despite his investigation though, George has said he has no plans to obey the message and end his romance with Sarah - but was overheard complimenting Paul McCartney’s new love Nancy Shevell last week.

According to the Mirror, George ran into Paul & Nancy at the Carlyle Hotel in New York after the couple returned to the city after their Caribbean holiday in Antigua. After the brief meeting, George was overheard telling friends: “Paul McCartney’s girlfriend is definitely keeping him young!

“He’s done pretty well for himself - I wouldn’t say no!”