Cate Blanchett with son Ignatius UptonWhile her Hollywood contemporaries sell exclusive coverage of their newborns to magazines for millions of dollars, Cate Blanchett’s new son Ignatius made his debut on the world stage at a political summit.

Cate, husband Andrew Upton and six day old Ignatius attended the Australia 2020 meeting in Canberra on Saturday to discuss how the country’s government can strength links with the arts to boost the creativity and society in general.

Cate, who chaired a brainstorming session, posed with Ignatius for photos before explaining: “I’m extremely thrilled about our new Government’s vigour, vision and optimism and I’m genuinely excited about the opportunity this summit presents.”

“We’re here today to think beyond our current practice and beyond our current needs. We’re here to imagine the best possible society in the year 2020 and then reverse engineer our way back.”

She added: “It is a measure of my belief in the weekend that I am here at all. As you could imagine, I would rather be in bed.”