Kim KardashianKim Kardashian might have publicly forgiven former BFF Paris Hilton for dissing her bum but she’s reportedly trying to kick Paris where it hurts - in the wardrobe freebies department.

After last week’s radio interview where Paris compared Kim’s bum to “cottage cheese in a trash bag“, Kim is said to have asked boutique Ed Hardy to cut off their heiress.

A source told the New York Post that Kim and her sisters Kourtney & Khloe bagged free outfits and swimming costumes for their current holiday in Mexico from the store under the condition that Kim “called paparazzi and tipped them off [that] she’ll be wearing Ed Hardy clothes”.

In return, Kim “tried to get them to promise that they wouldn’t give any more clothes to Paris”.

The source didn’t confirm whether the store had agreed to the deal but Kim’s spokesperson tried to downplay a rift between the two socialites, saying: “As of last week her and Paris were okay.”