Richie Sambora's mugshotRichie Sambora has agreed a plea bargain just hours after he was formally charged with drink driving.

The Bon Jovi guitarist was charged with two counts of DUI - driving under the influence and having a blood-alcohol level over .08 (he is said to have registered at .13) - which could have earned him up to six months in prison at his arraignment next month but instead he chose to plea no contest in an earlier hearing yesterday.

At the court session in Laguna Beach, California, he was fined a total of $1600 and placed on “informal probation” for three years during which time he must stay off both drugs and alcohol. He must also attend an alcohol education course over the next few months.

Laguna Beach PD were said to be pushing for Richie to also be charged with child endangerment as his 10 year old daughter Ava and her teenage cousin were in the car when he was stopped last month. However prosecutors decided against the charge during the plea bargain process.