Britney SpearsBritney Spears has been involved in yet another car incident, this time rear-ending a red Ford Explorer on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon. While traffic lights were still red Britney accelerated in her white Mercedes-Benz SL65, causing minor damage to the car in front.

There were no reported injuries and the singer chose not to get out of her car after the incident to speak to the other driver, sending her bodyguard instead to speak to the female driver.

The red Explorer followed Britney back to her home where it’s thought the incident was settled. It was only April 12 when Britney had her last traffic accident.

In other Britney bump news, speculation has increased that the 26 year old mother of two is pregnant again.

Hours after her appearance on the American TV show How I Met Your Mother, where she hopped into bed with an admirer, Britney was seen smoking a cigarette on her balcony looking very rounded around the belly.

A source commented: “Given how much she’s been working out lately, it’s strange that she’s still so belly heavy.”

In February, Britney was rumoured to be pregnant with then boyfriend Adnan Ghalib’s baby.