ashlee simpson-wentz and pete wentzNewlyweds and parents-to-be Ashlee Simpson-Wentz & Pete Wentz are reportedly hoping to follow in the footsteps of Ashlee’s big sister and film the early days of their marriage for a reality TV show.

The first two years of Jessica Simpson’s union to Nick Lachey were filmed for MTV for the show Newlyweds and after the couple divorced in 2006, Nick labelled the show a dumb idea.

But Jessica and Nick’s experience hasn’t dissuaded Ashlee and Pete from planning their own show. A source told OK magazine: “They are shopping it around TV stations.

“Pete and Ashlee have already filmed footage that they are showing in meetings.”

The source added that it’ll have the similar appeal as the original series, with an albeit red-headed Ashlee slotting neatly into the ‘dumb blonde’ role vacated by her sister: “One scene is at a dinner and everyone is toasting to business ventures and important things like that. But when it came to Ashlee, she toast ‘to jewellery’ and Pete just shook his head.”

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