Christian BaleBatman star Christian Bale has insists that it’s a wrong to think that all Hollywood stars are wealthy.

Despite starring in American Pyscho in 2000, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin in 2001 and Reign of Fire in 2002, Christian told Details magazine recently that he was on the verge of financial ruin in 2003.

He explained: “I don’t believe that there’s an actor alive who hasn’t been in that position - and in that position many years after people recognise you and have a very wrong impression of what they imagine your life to be like.

“I know absolutely when it was [for me]. [It’s] only going back five years. House repossession - all that.”

He added that he accepted at least one film role purely for the money in order to help pull himself and wife Sibi Blazic out of debt: “I won’t tell what [film] it was, but it was following closely on the heels of [the repossession].

“It ended up that I found a great many experiences from it - but the motivation was completely keeping the head above water.”