Jennifer Love Hewitt and ross mccallJennifer Love-Hewitt is reportedly bringing forward her marriage to fiance Ross McCall so he doesn’t get deported from the US this summer.

Jennifer, who accepted Ross’s proposal last November, had previously said she didn’t want to be a “sweaty summer bride” and they were going to wait until their respective work schedules quietened down before walking down the aisle - but now the National Enquirer claims the latter might cause a problem as Scottish Ross’s work visa will be invalidated if he is forced out of work by the proposed actors’ strike.

A source told the publication: “Jennifer’s fiance is in this country on a non-resident work visa, and if there is a strike he might be forced to go back to the UK.”

The source claims the Ghost Whisperer star would prefer to marry in a rush than to let than happen: “She’s so in love with Ross that she couldn’t bear the thought of them being separated.”