JordanKatie Price has taken a first step in her reported goal to represent Britain in the 2012 Olympics by completing her first dressage competition.

Riding her new horse, aptly called Glamour Girl, the glamour model also known as Jordan placed sixth out of 27 entrants in the event at Hickstead in Sussex.

She scored 153 out of 240, just 14 marks behind the overall winner and when told her score, she said: “That’s quite good isn’t it? I’ve not been doing it long so I’m proud.”

After the competition, she added: “I really enjoyed it, I’ve got a rosette which is really good for me. I didn’t come here to win it, I just wanted to participate and take part. It was a great crowd.”

Katie’s mum Amy wasn’t amongst the onlookers but husband Peter Andre arrived too late to watch Katie’s debut.

While many horse-related sports focus on speed or jumping ability, dressage is more concerned with precision of movement, akin to ballet or gymnastics. The horse and rider’s appearances are also both judged during the competition.