sienna miller and rhys ifansRhys Ifans reportedly isn’t quite so broken hearted about his split from Sienna Miller as some sources would have us believe.

Rhys was said to have turned to drink to get over the actress, who dumped him at the start of the month, and his drunkeness had been interferring with his performance on the set of new film, The Boat That Rocked.

The actor was also spotted slumped against the wall of a pub in (aptly) Notting Hill, London this weekend after a drinking session with friends.

An onlooker told the Sun: “Poor Rhys looked in a state and was knocking the drinks back.

“His friend was trying his best to cheer him up. But Rhys just couldn’t manage to raise a smile.”

But his The Boat That Rocked co-star Talulah Riley has said that Rhys is far from drowning his sorrows, and is more likely just returning to his previous hard-partying form: “I don’t know what’s been in the papers but he was laughing and joking all the time on set.

“He was just one of the lads, you know. I didn’t notice him down or anything.”

Sienna is said to have dumped Rhys over the phone after their busy work schedules caused them to frequently be apart and in different countries, and Rhys grew jealous of Sienna’s friendship with former fling and The Edge of Love co-star Matthew Rhys. The couple had dated for around a year and lived together at Sienna’s north London home.