paris hilton and benji maddenAfter a few weeks of relative quietness from Paris Hilton and Benji Madden, the Good Charlotte star has reiterated how deliriously happy he is with the socialite.

Speaking on On Air with Ryan Seacrest yesterday, he said: “I’ve never been so happy. Nothing worries me in life anymore. When you find that best friend, that love, all your worries kind of go away.

“Your work gets better and everything you do, you have someone supporting you, and she’s that for me. I’ve never been supported so much.”

He added that “of course” they’ve thought about starting a family together: “when you’re that happy, you think about everything.”

But Paris herself denied the rumours that she and Benji may be considering a double wedding with Benji’s brother Joel Madden and his fiancee Nicole Richie: “I’ve been hearing that rumour. But no, I think we both would want to have separate weddings.”

But the four do have some double-dating activities planned: “It is weird… we’re dating twins but it’s pretty perfect. We are all going on tour this summer, so I’m really excited about that.”