charlotte churchCharlotte Church has revealed she wants to have at least six children within the next ten years.

The singer and partner Gavin Henson welcomed daughter Ruby into the world last September and earlier this month, just nine months old, announced that Charlotte was already pregnant with their second child.

In an interview for this week’s Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Charlotte explained they want their own “little rugby team” of children: “I want between four and six [children] and Gavin wants eight.

“I want all my babies by the time I’m 32 so then I can have everything done.

“We want to have our babies young and then I’m going to get married and look fabulous for that.”

She added: “I love the whole pregnancy process. I thought I’m going to be a nightmare, but it was fine.

“Ruby’s a proper daddy’s girl. Gavin helps with everything. Even when I was breast-feeding in the night he’d get up to be supportive because I was knackered.”

And with Gavin’s support, she may try to return to her singing career and self-titled chat show: “I think I’ll try and fit it in around the babies [but] I’m happy with the simple life, I feel so lucky for everything I have.”

  • What do you think of Charlotte’s baby plans? Is she planning too many children? (Or too few?!) Do you think she should wait until she’s older for the rest or do you think she should get them out of the way as she plans? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.