madonna and guy ritchieGuy Ritchie is reportedly planning a lavish 50th birthday party for wife Madonna, even though the couple are said to be on the verge of splitting up.

A source close to the director told the Daily Mail that Guy’s plans - a party for 200 at their country home in Wiltshire - show that their marriage problems have been over-stated and they’re still working on their relationship: “This is hardly the action of a man about to be divorced by his wife.

“I don’t think you organise a 50th birthday party for your wife while at the same time consult lawyers to end your marriage.

“It will be quite spectacular. He’s going to push the boat out. He’s given it a lot of thought.”

The source added: “All marriages go through ups and downs and it’s not easy being married to someone like Madonna.

“Whoever she married was going to be overshadowed by her. She is very forceful but, equally, Guy has been determined to exert his own personality and obviously that can lead to clashes from time time.”

Last week, sources told the Mirror that the couple were living separate lives ahead of announcing their divorce later this year. Guy’s mum has dubbed the divorce rumours “Total Tosh“.

Madonna turns 50 in August and has previously said she’s not upset by the prospect as some people are, because she’s more interested in how she feels rather than the number on her birth certificate.