Angelina Jolie and Brad PittBrad Pitt reportedly barred Angelina Jolie’s brother from the birth of the couple’s twins yesterday because he didn’t feel it was right.

James Haven, who was present for the birth of the couple’s daughter Shiloh in 2006, is said to have wanted to be Angelina’s birthday partner when she gave birth to twins Knox and Vivienne but Brad refused.

A source close to the family told the Sunday Mirror: “James only arrived at the hospital a few days ago from LA. He was desperate to be by his sister’s side when she gave birth, but Brad said absolutely no way - he feels it isn’t James’s place.

“Brad [was] already anxious about the birth and Angie’s health and [was] overseeing every detail. He was the one who persuaded her to go into the hospital early after she complained of feeling faint.”

Angelina gave birth to the children, a boy and a girl, by Caesarian section last night (local time). The operation had been scheduled to take place on Tuesday but doctors brought forward the birth for medical reasons, to allow the children to be born “in the best conditions”.

The source added that the couple’s existing four children were very excited about the arrival of their new siblings and their daughters Zahara and Shiloh “decided they will take responsibility for one twin each but Zahara will have the first born as she’s the eldest.

“Zahara wants to be the ringleader among the kids.”

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt have called their new son & daughter Knox Leon & Vivienne Marcheline - what do you think of the name?
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