christian baleChristian Bale is likely to be “mortified” by his high profile arrest last week, according to his former assistant.

Christian was arrested ahead of questioning last Tuesday following an incident with his mum and eldest sister at his London hotel on the previous Sunday evening.

Harrison Cheung, who worked for the Dark Knight star for a decade until several years ago, explained that despite reports that the actor is prone to tantrums and angry outbursts: “Christian is not a bad soul, just a deeply troubled one.

“I am sure he is mortified by the publicity he’s generated this week with the row between him and his mum. But it was a row that has been years in the making.

“I have read reports about last week’s argument that suggest that his mother insulted his wife. If that was the case, it would push Christian to breaking point. He would defend Sibi and his daughter with his life.”

Christian denies assaulting the two women either physically or verbally.