katie priceKatie Price has said that after being excluded from the Cartier International Polo event in Windsor last weekend, she’s more interested than ever in competing at the Olympics in 2012.

The glamour model, known professionally as Jordan, has ridden horses her whole life but has recently started to compete in dressage events, with the hope of making it to the Games when they reach London.

She told the Mirror recently that’s she just bought a new horse, with the hope he’ll take her all the way to the top: “He cost me a bloody fortune but he’s a fantastic horse and is capable of competing at Olympic level. I’m calling him Andre after Pete, his competition name is The B****cks.

“I’m going to be training every day and I’ve already developed a six-pack from where I’ve stepped up my riding. I’m taking it really seriously so don’t write me off for 2012. I’d love to do it but need to prove myself at the GB trials.

“I’ve also been asked to do the Horse Of The Year show [in October] and have been given a seven minute slot to do a routine to music.

“It’s incredibly flattering to be asked but I only have three weeks to prepare as I’m off to LA next week to get my boobs done again.”