Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi on their wedding dayEllen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi have described their first few days of married life as “amazing” - despite not being able to head out for a honeymoon.

The newlyweds were spotted picking up lunch in West Hollywood yesterday accompanied by Ellen’s mum Betty.

When asked about their honeymoon plans, Ellen replied that the holiday would have to wait: “I have to get back to work… this is it.”

In a blog entry yesterday, Ellen explained that many aspects of her life has changed now she’s a married woman. Using a cursive font for the blog, she explained: “You may notice something different about the way I’m writing … it’s fancy. This is the font I type in now that I’m MARRIED!

“I do a lot of things differently now … I say, ‘I do’ a lot. For example: Who wants to do pilates? I do. Would you like a Mountain Dew? I do. Do you know why I pulled you over? I do. And that was just this morning.”

The couple married on Saturday evening in the grounds of their Beverly Hills home, in an intimate ceremony observed by just 19 guests.

After the ceremony, Portia told People magazine: “The love we felt from the people surrounding us, and the love we have for each other made this the most beautiful and emotional day. And one that we’ll never forget.”

Ellen added: “What can I say? I’m the luckiest girl in the world. She’s officially off the market. No one else gets her. And now she’ll cook and clean for me.”

The women, who have been dating since December 2004, announced their engagement in May after the Californian Supreme Court overturned the state’s previous gay marriage ban.