carmen electraCarmen Electra has revealed she feels like she’s two people sometimes - Carmen Electra, Hollywood star and Tara Patrick, the woman she was before Prince convinced her to change her name and attempt to launch a music career.

She told Parade magazine recently: “Tara is more shy. Tara is more easily intimidated. She’s that side of me that was afraid of rejection, that was afraid to take a chance, and step up and have someone say, ‘no, you don’t get the role.’

“I do still have that side of me - that soft, sensitive side - and I think that Carmen is the more aggressive part of me. I’ve sort of created [the Carmen] image, but it’s definitely a part of who I am. … If I didn’t have a sexy side, I wouldn’t have done Playboy and I wouldn’t have done Baywatch and a lot of other things.

“[But] there are moments when I am so that little girl from Cincinnati, Ohio, and I cry and I’m just like everybody else. You know, I have all the same feelings that everyone else has.”