charlie sheen and brooke muellerBrooke Mueller has said she thinks she might be expecting a son with husband Charlie Sheen.

Charlie already has three daughters - four year old Sam & three year old Lola with ex-wife Denise Richards, and 23 year old Cassandra with ex-girlfriend Paula Profitt - and when he confirmed Brooke’s pregnancy last week, he said that unless he was “batting 100 percent”, his fourth child may well be a boy.

Brooke told People magazine on Friday: “Odds are it’s a boy, but we’ll be happy with either sex.”

Charlie reiterated: “We’re just hoping for a healthy baby, but there’s a chance [for a boy] - odds are positive.”

They added that they felt pressured to announce the pregnancy earlier than they would have liked after rumours began to swirl: “It would have been nice to do it on our terms.

“We were hoping to be a little further along before news got out.”