heather millsHeather Mills reportedly banned ex-husband Paul McCartney from buying her Sussex home, even though she’s put it up for sale.

Heather bought the £3million property in Robertsbridge in 2006 following her split from the former Beatle but a source told the People newspaper: “She has always felt it wasn’t quite right for her.

“Heather put it on the market three weeks ago but she didn’t initially let Paul know what she was planning.

“When he found out he told her he wanted to buy it off her because Bea loves it there. But she was having none of it and said, ‘You’re trying to take my house.’

“He said he was just trying to buy it because of how much Bea loves it there. But Heather was furious and ranted, ‘You’ll get the house over my dead body’.

“She said there was no way she was going to sell it to Paul. The argument was ferocious and a lot of people were shocked about it.”

“Heather knows Paul is just trying to be nice by offering to buy the house from her. But it seems she won’t sell to him out of spite.”

The source added that Heather also accused Paul of encouraging her former PR advisor Michele Elyzabeth to speak out about her conduct during their divorce: “When Heather heard about [Michele’s claims], she flew off the handle at Paul saying he had put Michele up to it to make her look bad.

“Paul replied saying he didn’t know what she was talking about. It escalated from there and turned into World War Three.

“Paul has told Heather she needs to see a psychiatrist - which made her even more furious. She started swearing at him saying, ‘What are you bloody talking about?’

“[She] told him he wasn’t allowed to see Bea, saying he’s not fit enough to be her dad because he encourages people to sell stories slagging off her mum.

“She said she’d stayed away all summer to let everything die down and now everyone was saying horrible things about her again.”

“The screaming phone calls have stopped but it all seems to be carrying on via texts. I think the battle is still far from over.”

The couple share legal and physical custody of their four year old daughter.