Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de RossiNewlyweds Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are reportedly arguing over the baby question.

Following their wedding last month, the women admitted that they were undecided about whether or not to start a family but a source close to the couple has now revealed that the issue is less about whether they want them, more about who will have them.

The source told the National Enquirer: “Ellen has got the baby itch again - in a bad way. [She] wants Portia to get pregnant, an idea they had both ruled out before the wedding. Ellen always said, ‘First marriage, then kids.’

“She said no to a baby before because she wasn’t settled. But Ellen was sure everything would fall naturally into place after she gave Portia her dream wedding.

“[Now] Portia feels the baby issue has been decided and she is very upset. Ellen is sobbing to friends she feels like the air has been let out of her sails. Ellen should be on top of the world, but instead she is heartbroken.”

“But Ellen has gotten all goofy over the baby issue. She has been in tears trying to get Portia to reconsider. Now the situation is very tense.”