jessie wallaceJessie Wallace has reportedly been complaining about her Strictly Come Dancing co-stars - and the behind the scenes staff.

An inside source told the Mail on Sunday that the former Eastenders star is “probably the least popular person on the show”: “She was complaining loudly that Rachel Stevens and Lisa Snowdon got all the best dresses for the promotional shots.”

“She seems to think she’s being made to wear the most unflattering frocks. But it’s ridiculous for her to wear the same dresses as Rachel and Lisa. They are different shapes and sizes for a start.”

The source claims Jessie also thought Cherie Lunghi “a bit of a snob” and former supermodel Jodie Kidd looked “like a horse”: “Jessie isn’t doing herself any favours. Going around saying things about your fellow contestants is never a good idea.

“It will also not go down well at the BBC, which wants to make sure the show keeps its cleaner-than-clean reputation. Good family entertainment is what people want and the BBC really don’t want anyone muddying the show.”

The show’s first live show was broadcast last night with Jessie, Jodie and Rachel dancing in the Group Cha-Cha-Cha.