Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus and dad Billy Ray Cyrus are reportedly annoying their Hannah Montana co-stars because they’ve made it clear they want to leave the Disney show behind.

On-set sources claim that Miley wants to focus on her own singing career and life away from the tween show, and similarly Billy Ray believes he’ll make more money in music, relaunching his career off the back of his re-found stardom.

A source is quoted as saying: “Miley and Billy want out but can’t just leave because of their contracts.

“Billy Ray has told people on set that they’ll only make another 12 episodes but Disney insists they complete the season, which was recently extended to 30 shows.

“That annoyed Miley and Billy Ray and now they’re behaving badly on set. They’re always late and stalling production when they get there, as well as acting unprofessionally towards their fellow cast members and crew. Everyone’s getting bitter towards them.”