cheryl coleCheryl Cole is reportedly being offered £1million - a 100% pay rise - to sign up for next series of The X Factor.

An inside source told the Mirror that the show’s producers, including her fellow judge Simon Cowell, are keen to secure the Girls Aloud star’s participation as soon as possible: “Cheryl has been an instant hit with viewers and contestants.

“She initially signed a one-year deal as she wasn’t sure how she would fare and Simon didn’t want to commit to an unknown quantity. Now he’s desperate to get her for a new series and put pen to paper.

“He realises he will have to fight to keep her as Girls Aloud are in talks to do a US tour. So Simon needs to act fast and get her to sign before she has unavoidable commitments.

“As part of the package there’s talk of involving her in another of Simon’s shows. Cheryl is flattered.”

At the weekend, Cheryl is said to have got enraged at Simon after feeling he pulled rank to have one of her favourite contestants eliminated from the Bootcamp. The series’ live shows start next month.