Jordan and Peter AndreKatie Price and Peter Andre have dismissed rumours that their marriage is on the rocks.

Sources close to the couple claimed recently that the couple have his “rock bottom” and are constantly arguing.

One source told Closer magazine that Pete is annoyed by how Katie, aka glamour model Jordan, treats him: “Pete really has had enough. He’s told her that unless she treats him with some compassion and like an equal then their wedding vows don’t mean a thing.”

Another inside source told Heat magazine that their rows are “the most serious yet”: “We all see how she treats him - and it’s not nice. No one agrees with Katie, but we’re all too afraid to say anything.

“She undermines Pete constantly. If he’s talking about the world of showbiz, she’ll say in front of other people: ‘What do you know about that, Pete? I’m the celebrity’ It’s really embarrassing for him.

“It’s become really nasty and Pete doesn’t know how to deal with her. She makes him fell like s***. He’ll be getting ready and she’ll say: ‘What are you wearing that for?’ It really upsets him.”

But Katie has now told OK magazine that the rumours are nonsense: “All these stories about Pete and I splitting up are c**p. Are people really that fascinated about us, and do they really want us to break up?”

Pete added: “I don’t understand… it seems like everyone would love us to break up - but, sorry guys, it’s not going to happen.”

Katie also downplayed their arguments, particularly those captured in their fly-on-the-wall show Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter: “Those aren’t proper arguments, it’s just bickering. The programme would look fake if we never argued.”

The couple also gave a public display of their continuing affection during a night out at Bungalow 8 in London last night. After leaving the club around 2:30am, the couple posed for paparazzi photos in their car, kissing and hugging for the cameras.