lindsay lohan and samantha ronsonLindsay Lohan’s dad Michael Lohan has again criticised Lindsay’s girlfriend, Samantha Ronson.

As the two women have gone increasingly more public about their relationship, Michael has launched a series of attacks against the DJ, claiming she just using Lindsay for publicity and is really “dark, hideous and a disgusting representation of humanity”.

In his latest outburst, he told Heat magazine: “Samantha lives a life that I don’t approve of.

“I absolutely do not accept Lindsay’s relationship with Samantha. I know Sam’s history and what is going on.”

He added that he doesn’t care Lindsay is annoyed with his comments because in the end, he believes she’ll see he was right: “I’m doing all I can to help Lindsay and if people want to slay me, then so be it. I’m her father first, not her friend.”

Lindsay and Sam are currently enjoying a beach holiday together in Mexico and contrary to what Michael says, other sources close to the I Know Who Killed Me actress believe the two are perfect for each other.

One friend told OK magazine: “Samantha and Lindsay have been ‘out’ to friends for a few months now. Both Lindsay and Samantha have total mutual respect and love for each other.

“This is the first healthy relationship Lindsay has ever had. All the nonsense Lindsay’s had in past relationships - the crazy fights, cheating and general immaturity - is totally absent. This is the real thing.”