jamie oliver and jools oliverJamie Oliver’s wife Jools Oliver has revealed she struggled to get pregnant the third time around.

Jools told Grazia magazine recently that she had to follow Jamie around the country so they could be together at her most fertile times: “I was getting trains and I was knackered and thinking: ‘All this just to do the do’.”

She was also taking powerful fertility drug Clomid to help their chances: “I was dreading every month. I knew I could only take it for three before I’d need to move on to IVF.

“I got dizziness and funny vision and moody and spots, everything you don’t want as a woman, really.

“And it wasn’t great having children [to look after] when you’re that hormonal.”

Finally though, a pregnancy test was positive: “The line was so faint that I convinced myself it couldn’t it wasn’t true…

“I still didn’t believe it so I kept drinking water and doing more tests. It got to 4am and I’d got four positive results, so I thought, it must be fine!”

The couple confirmed Jools’ pregnancy last month and the baby is due in April next year. Their first daughter, six year old Poppy, was born after a run of IVF but their second child, five year old Daisy was conceived naturally.