Calista FlockhartCalista Flockhart has said she found it incredibly hard to return to acting after being a full-time mum for several years.

Calista adopted son Liam in 2001 during the fourth and penultimate season of Ally McBeal and after the show came to an end the following year, she left her career behind to concentrate on raising her son until she decided to join the cast of Brothers & Sisters in 2006.

She told C magazine recently: “All of a sudden, I wasn’t home to pick Liam up from school, and I realised it wasn’t really Ok, and I wasn’t happy, and I was scratching my eyes out.

“I couldn’t believe I’d put myself in this situation.”

But, she added, that her long-time boyfriend Harrison Ford stepped into the breach: “[I] was very comforted knowing that Harrison was there - he really stepped up and became a stay-at-home dad.”