Lindsay Lohan & Sam RonsonLindsay Lohan’s love of the limelight is reportedly risking her relationship with Sam Ronson.

The two women have been practically inseparable for the best part of the year but a source close to the couple told the Daily Mail that DJ Samantha is beginning to feel “smothered” by Lindsay’s active social life: “Sam needs her space away from Lindsay and really needs to take a long look at what the future of this relationship can be.

“They were spending a little too much time together, and Samantha was the one who said Lindsay was getting in the way, and even acting obsessive at times.

“Samantha DJ’ed three big parties around the Emmy weekend in Los Angeles, and Lindsay was practically on top of her for every minute of those gigs. Lindsay was behaving in a very smothering way.

“For a man or a woman, it can be hard when your girlfriend insists on going to work with you every day. The problem here is that Samantha is intent on being taken seriously as a DJ, and the Lindsay sideshow was starting to overwhelm that.”

The source added that their recent holiday to Mexico together was an attempt to get away from life in the public eye: “The vacation was all about fixing their relationship, because things had gotten dicey in late August and early September as Lindsay and Sam were just getting so much attention - so much that they needed to get out of the country for a while.

“But things didn’t go well in Mexico. Despite the photos of them playing on the beach, Sam said things were very tense between them when they got back.

“She’s known for being shy, but what she’s less known for is being a very serious and thoughtful person, and there have always been these second thoughts about how she comes across being in this high profile celebrity romance.

“It’s never been something Sam’s been willing to embrace the way Lindsay does. Going to Mexico kind of confirmed a lot of that stuff for Sam.

“If these two are going to be together for the long term, Lindsay is the one who’s going to have to change, calm down, and get real. Sam’s made that very clear to her.”