cheryl coleBoth Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue have reportedly fallen out with their fellow X Factor judge Simon Cowell.

The two women have both been rumoured to have been vying for the music mogul’s attention throughout the talent contest but an on-set source has now said they’re now both upset with him.

The source told the Sunday Mirror that Cheryl is increasingly infuriated with Simon’s influence on the show. The Girls Aloud star was unable to attend rehearsals last week because she was busy promoting the band’s new single, so left her singers - Alexandra Burke, Diana Vickers, Laura White and Ruth Lorenzo - to follow her advice under Simon’s supervision.

The source explained: “Alexandra had spent the week rehearsing Christina Aguilera’s ‘Candyman’ the way Simon wanted it.

“Cheryl returned on Friday and was furious [he’d ignored her ideas]. She immediately demanded Alex do it her way, not Simon’s.

“Simon was also angry that such big changes were being made so late in the day.”

Meanwhile Dannii Minogue is said to have broken down in tears after she found out that Simon’s old friend Sinitta had confirmed that Dannii and Simon’s professional relationship had deteriorated over the last few months.

The source revealed: “Sinitta [told reporters] Dannii and Simon weren’t getting on any more.

“Dannii was really upset when she read it and broke down crying. Within minutes she was on the phone to Simon who told her to pull herself together and not to be so silly.

“He was actually quite mad at Sinitta for being so indiscreet. She had to apologise to Dannii, and to promise to keep her mouth shut in the future.”