katie price and peter andreKatie Price and Peter Andre have reportedly scheduled in a series of crisis talks to discuss the future of their three year marriage.

The couple have repeatedly denied rumours of troubles over the last few months but a fortnight ago, Katie revealed she did temporarily walk out of the marriage earlier this year and the couple didn’t see each other or speak for two days. This week, the pair both were spotted partying in London on Wednesday night - but in different clubs and without their wedding rings.

A source told the Sunday Mirror that Katie, AKA glamour model Jordan, was overhead telling friends: “I don’t know what’s wrong. We’re on different wavelengths.”

A source close to Peter told the newspaper that the pair have now agreed to talk through their problems this week before he flies to the US next weekend to work on his comeback album: “Peter is feeling miserable because he is constantly fighting with Katie.

“Last weekend he walked out on her and went to stay at his brother’s apartment for a few days. He came back because he missed the kids but things have been terrible since Wednesday.

“Peter doesn’t want to go away while they aren’t getting on, so he’s concentrating on his marriage.”