madonna and guy ritchieDespite hopes it’ll be sorted shortly, Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s custody dispute is said to be kicking up a gear, with both parties gathering evidence about the other’s parenting skills.

According to the Daily Mail, domestic staff from the pair’s properties in both England and the US, as well as other members of the household, have been asked to provide witness statements about the former couple by their respective legal teams.

A source told the newspaper that Guy hopes the statements will show how Madonna is too controlling with the children - restricting their diets and banning TV & other media - while Madonna hopes to prove that Guy is “emotionally distant”, swears in front of the youngsters and on occasion would come home drunk after nights out with friends.

The source explained: “Madonna is searching high and low for evidence to support the claim that Guy was a bad father in order to support her case that the children should live with her in New York.

“Basically the gloves are off and while it might have looked quite an amicable split a couple of weeks ago, they are now throwing huge resources into trying to destroy one another to get residence of the children.

“The entire way they wanted the children brought up is different. [Even during the marriage] each would constantly pick holes in the way the other one over it.”

Madonna is said to want to raise the children - sons eight year old Rocco & three year old David, and her 12 year old daughter Lourdes from a previous relationship - in New York while Guy wants them to stay in London, where they’ve been based for the last eight years.

Guy is also said to object to Madonna’s decision to feed the children an entirely macrobiotic diet, with a source telling the Mirror he wants things to be more balanced: “He would see Rocco being fed this macrobiotic stuff and would take him out after for pie and chips to keep him normal.

“He doesn’t want to feed them solely on pies and chips. He just wants to show them not everything in life is about steamed fish and rice.”

The couple announced their plans to divorce earlier in the month.