cheryl cole and ashley coleCheryl Cole and Ashley Cole are reportedly planning to renew their wedding vows in the new year.

The couple, who nearly separated at the start of the year after a kiss-and-tell story revealed Ashley’s infidelity, have yet to set an exact date for the ceremony but a source told OK magazine that it’ll happen shortly after Cheryl finishes work on the current series of The X Factor.

The source told the magazine that while their original wedding - in 2006 - was packed with celebrities and earned the couple a £1million photo deal, the renewal ceremony will be a private, low-key event for just their close friends and family, with no invitations for the media.

In a separate interview for the magazine, Cheryl herself explained that their marriage is getting back on track: “We’re a work in progress. We’re going to build our married life together, not thinking about what if it ever ends.

“I wasn’t looking for a relationship when I met Ashley and certainly not a long-term one. But pretty soon after I met him I knew something was different and I knew I had never felt that before.

“He does little things now that he doesn’t even know he’s doing. My heart goes and I just think, God you’re so perfect.”