Normally it’s only the initial film premiere that gets the big stars on the red carpet but Angelina Jolie, Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman also turned out for the DVD release party of Kung Fu Panda at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood yesterday.

Speaking at the event, Angelina told reporters that she and partner Brad Pitt will “definitely have more” children and they’re “having a great time” with their six kids at the moment.

She added that their new twins - son Knox and daughter Vivienne who were born in July - are “starting to get very smiley”: “They’re great. They’re still so little, but they do’ have their own personalities.

“They’re at that [stage] where their personality really starts to shine.”

They’re not quite old enough to enjoy the ways of the Panda but she insists the other children love it: I think it’s a great film, and it’s brought a lot of joy to children - and to my children, absolutely. My kids love it. They’re very very proud. They have mom[-character] dolls everywhere.

“They have the Tigress. They love Tigress. They have a big Tigress doll that they keep putting diapers on! They love Tigress!”

The event also saw the release of the spin-off short Secrets of the Furious Five and Jack Black throwing various kung fu moves with his big furry buddy (the panda, not KG).

  • Photos from the event below

(Photo credits: Curtis Leigh / Splash News; Russ Einhorn/ Splash News)