brad pittBrad Pitt is reportedly annoyed with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston’s recent decision to speak out about their split.

In an interview for Vogue published this week, Jennifer spoke about their divorce and said Angelina Jolie’s comments about the start of her relationship with Brad were “uncool”, because that was sometimes the first Jennifer heard about things.

But a source close to Brad has said that while Jennifer said positive things about him, he was “totally thrown” by her decision to dredge it all up again because he believed she had “moved on”.

Sources close to Jennifer told the Sun though that the interview is a sign of her having “moved on”: “This interview shows that Jennifer is no longer afraid of Angelina. It’s hugely significant.

“She’s never been this honest or brave before.”

The former couple announced their separation at the very start of 2005, shortly after Brad and Angelina got to know one another on the set of their action film Mr and Mrs Smith. Brad now has six children with partner Angelina while Jennifer is dating John Mayer.