Kate MossKate Moss is said to have had another potentially relationship ending argument with boyfriend Jamie Hince.

The volatile couple are said to have ended up rowing after the supermodel found a vial of blood and a stash of love letters from Jamie’s ex-girlfriend Sharin Foo.

A source told the Sun: “He was obsessed with Sharin and kept the vial and letters.

“Jamie has always been a romantic, when he falls for someone he’s completely engrossed in them. [Jamie’s band] The Kills used to tour a lot with [Sharin’s band] the Raveonettes and there was an instant spark between Sharin and Jamie.

“Once they were on the same bill at a gig in London and it was like there was nobody else in the room but Sharin. Jamie was up close and deep in discussion with her while everyone else partied afterwards.

“The pair took to wearing each other’s blood in vials around their necks and exchanged romantic notes when they were away on tour. Jamie kept them all.

“It wasn’t like he used to get them out and read them all the time. He could just never bring himself to throw them away.

“But now Kate’s found them she’s gone through the roof. She has demanded to know why Jamie had all these reminders of a past relationship.”

However, after the row last week, the couple - who have split up at least twice during their year’s romance - were spotted looking as loved up as ever at Kate’s Cotswolds home this weekend.

A second source added: “Things are smoothed over again now but Kate hasn’t forgotten. Jamie needs to get rid of everything now so Kate doesn’t blow up about it again.”