Angelina JolieWhile most Hollywood stars do all they can to stall the effects of aging, Angelina Jolie has said she likes how her looks are developing as she gets older and now that she’s a mum.

She explained recently: “As you get older you see more character in your face. Now, when I look at myself, I see somebody at peace and I see a mom - and that’s a kind of beauty.

“I know this is going to sound corny, but I first became happy with the way I look when I became a mother. There’s this idea that beauty is when someone does your hair and puts a lot of make-up on you and sticks your face on the cover of a magazine. Is that beauty?

“You know what is beautiful [to me]? My mom [Marcheline Bertrand]. She was beautiful to me, and I look more like my mom as I get older.

“Now, when I look at myself, I just see somebody at peace, and I see a mom, and I see my own relatives in my face - and that’s a kind of beauty that exists for everybody and doesn’t disappear.”