sienna millerSienna Miller has reportedly told on-off boyfriend Balthazar Getty that she wants a bit of old fashioned romance now they’re back together.

The pair began dating in June and were quickly rumoured to be planning on moving in together - although Brothers & Sisters star Balthazar didn’t announce his separation from his wife until the following month. By the start of November though, the couple were said to have been on the verge of splitting after Sienna felt Balthazar wanted to return to his wife and their four children - and soon afterwards, Sienna confirmed they’d split. However, just a fortnight later, the couple were spotted out and about together in London this week, dog walking and dining together.

A source told the Mirror that their lunch date at Italian restaurant San Lorenzo was part of Sienna’s request to do things properly this time: “Like any woman, Sienna wants to be wooed.

“She’s told him it’s time they got back to basics and started taking things more slowly.

“That means nice meals out, romantic dinner dates - wholesome stuff that they can enjoy together.

“She’s also joked that he should start sending her more flowers and leaving cute love notes around for her.

“Balthazar has taken it on board and is doing his best to court her in the manner of a 19th-century English gent. Sienna finds it hilarious.”

The source added that Sienna is adamant that Balthazar leaves his past relationship behind him now he’s with her: “Sienna and Balthazar have an unwritten rule that he is not to mention his wife by name.

“They are simply trying to move on with their lives as a couple and make a fresh start.”