Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe has said he wasn’t that keen about getting naked on stage but accepted it came with the role.

The Harry Potter star stripped off for a long, key scene in Equus in both the West End and on Broadway, but he said even doing it every night for weeks at a time, he was still not at ease with it.

He told Inside the Actor’s Studio recently: “It’s never going to be the most comfortable thing to be naked in front of people on stage. Personally, not my thing. For some people it’s great! But not for me.

“[But] the play was there to do. Someone had to do it. If you take the job, you take everything that comes with it.”

He added: “A friend asked me once, ‘Are you worried about getting an erection on stage?’ I said, ‘no, that would be great!’ Rather the opposite takes place actually.”