pete wentz and ashlee simpsonPete Wentz has revealed that his embarrassing nude photo incident actually helped him get together with now-wife Ashlee Simpson.

In 2006, the Fall Out Boy star infamous took some photos of himself naked with his camera phone and sent them to a girl he knew - and she leaked them to the internet.

He told Details magazine that he was mortified when the pictures appeared online but Ashlee Simpson, who he only knew as a friend of a friend, comforted him about it, drawing from her own humiliating experience with the acid-reflux Saturday Night Live incident.

He explained: “She just called me up and made me feel a lot better.”

He added that their newborn baby, Bronx Mowgli Wentz, was a “happy accident” and Ashlee had to send him photos of the pregnancy test before he believed he was going to become a dad.