Girls AloudGirls Aloud stars Kimberley Walsh, Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts have dismissed suggestions that they are their bandmates are too skinny.

Kimberley told Now magazine recently: “The skinny thing? I’m sick to death of reading about people’s weight.

“People try to put pressure on us, but it’s not us that’s making an issue of it. Some of the girls are thin but we are all healthy. We all eat a lot, actually.”

Sarah, who has previously explained that the women gain weight in the winter months then lose it again while touring and playing festivals over the summer, said: “I’m always having to defend myself. We’re all so honest, that’s the problem. You always feel like you’re having to stick up for yourself.”

Nicola added: “I don’t like being naturally slim and being called skinny is as bad as being called overweight.”

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