girls aloudNadine Coyle has reportedly been given an ultimatum by her Girls Aloud bandmates and management: either commit to the band or leave.

Nadine is said to have become more distance from the other members of the girl group over the last year as she is now based in Los Angeles even though the rest live in London and the group primarily works in the UK.

A source close to the group told the News of the World: “The other four can’t stand her these days because they feel her heart isn’t in the band.

“She’s become very distant and seems to resent the time she has to spend in London away from her new base in LA. Getting her to show up for things can be very difficult.

“The girls have always rowed, but this is the first time there’s been such a big split between one member and everyone else.”

The source explained the tension was particularly evident while the group filmed their Christmas special for ITV recently: “There was an icy atmosphere and the others didn’t speak to Nadine.

“She was the first to get ready and had to wait ages for the girls, who were having a giggle with each other. Nadine ended up chatting to the dancers to pass the time.”

But the source added that being encouraged to leave may be what Nadine wants: “Nadine is an amazing singer. She feels as if she’s been held back from proving how great she is.

“She feels the band are pressing her to quit but she wants to be in control of her future.”