madonnaMadonna isn’t shy about putting her money where her metaphysical beliefs are and donated almost £2million to Kabbalah groups in 2007, according to new documents.

Tax filings for the star’s Ray of Light Foundation show that she gave a total of £1.75million ($2.5million) to the Kabbalah Center of Los Angeles with additional money being given to an offshoot group, Spirituality for Kids - which partners with her other charity, Raising Malawi to help the improverished African country.

The documents show she also gave £200,000 to the Mobilization Against AIDS charity and £10,000 to the TJ Martell Foundation for Cancer Research.

Madonna is estimated to have a personal fortune of around £300million after nearly 25 year years in the music industry. Earlier this month, she is believed to have agreed to a package worth around £30million for Guy Ritchie in their divorce.

Madonna and Guy took their children - 12 year old daughter Lourdes, eight year old son Rocco and three year old son David - to a Kabbalah meeting in London at the weekend. The visit was the first time the former couple had seen each other since announcing their formal separation in October.