Alexandra BurkeAlexandra Burke has said she is annoyed by constant comparisons to Leona Lewis.

Both women were born in Islington, North London in the mid-1980s and shot to fame on The X Factor - Leona winning in 2006 and Alexandra this year - but Alex thinks the comparisons should stop there.

She told Heat magazine: “At the end of the day, Leona is a fantastic singer and a fantastic person, but people need to realise that we are completely different.

“There is enough room for both of us. Leona is a little Mariah. With me, I hope I can show I’m a little Beyonce.”

But she wouldn’t mind copying Leona’s success both here and in the US: “I hope for what Leona’s got. By next year, I’d love a Number One album and masses of support.”

Alexandra landed this year’s Christmas No1 slot after selling a record-breaking number of copies of her debut single ‘Hallelujah’ in the first week of release. The single clung onto the top spot this week - keeping Leona’s cover of ‘Run’ and Beyonce Knowles‘ ‘If I Were A Boy’ in second and third place.

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