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Jeremy Piven’s Jagger jibes

Jeremy Piven thinks Mick Jagger dances like a “chicken on meth”.

The ‘Entourage’ actor gatecrashed the Rolling Stones frontman’s 60th birthday party in Prague in 2003 and was shocked to see the rocker showing off his “awesome” moves on the dancefloor.

The 44-year-old star recalled: “Mick Jagger and I were both born on July 26 - just different decades! I actually wandered into his 60th birthday party in Prague and witnessed him dance for five hours, sometimes to his own music.

“He was dancing exactly the way you’d think he would, like a chicken on meth. It was awesome.”

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Seth Rogen’s Halloween horror

Seth Rogen’s girlfriend makes him wear “lame” costumes.

The ‘Superbad’ star hates Halloween but his girlfriend, director-and-writer Lauren Miller, insists he enters into the spirit of the spooky festival and don fancy dress.

The 27-year-old actor said: “I have a girlfriend now and I’ve entered the unfortunate world of paired costuming. It’s not fun. I don’t recommend it.

“I always end up being the lamer half - it’s like she’s a dog and I’m a fire hydrant or something like that. It’s never fun. So maybe I’m dodging a bullet this year.”

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Heather Graham’s dinner disaster

Heather Graham gave her co-stars food poisoning.

The blonde star invited a group of actresses who were also appearing in 2001 movie ‘From Hell’ to dinner one evening after filming, only for at least one of her guests to fall ill immediately afterwards.

Welsh actress Joanna Page revealed: “Heather Graham invited four British girls from the ‘From Hell’ cast over for a dinner party and she¬†made a chicken salad but it gave me food poisoning. On the way home I had to stop the car and throw up.”

‘Gavin and Stacey’ star Joanna also revealed she accidentally asked Hugh Grant to bring her a meal on the set of his hit movie ‘Love Actually’.

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Emma Bunton’s baby Spice love

Emma Bunton’s son is “in love” with Mel C’s daughter.

The former Spice Girls singers spend a lot of time together, and have noticed a special friendship growing between two-year-old Beau and Scarlet, nine months.

Emma revealed: “I had dim sum at Mel C’s with Mel B this week. While us girls had a chat, Beau spent the time hugging Mel C’s little girl Scarlet. He absolutely loves her!”

Meanwhile, Mel has opened up about Scarlet - her first child with partner Thomas Starr - admitting she is “fascinated” by the tot.

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Big eared Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall says the worst thing about getting older is having “big flappy” ears.

The 53-year-old model - the ex-wife of Rolling Stones rocker Sir Mick Jagger - wasn’t prepared for the strange changes her body underwent when she reached her 50s.

She said: “One thing that happens when you get older is your ears get big and flappy. No one ever tells you that. Everything just keeps growing. Oh, and you get hair in weird places.

“But for all that, I still like myself. That’s why it’s important to have interests - you don’t get sucked into this culture of obsessing about yourself.”

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Dita Von Teese’s family plan

Dita Von Teese wants to be an “old-fashioned” mother.

The burlesque dancer - who is dating Count Louis-Marie de Castelbajac and was previously married to goth rocker Marilyn Manson - is not sure what the future holds for her but is refusing to consider having children until she ties the knot again.

She said: “I’d like to think that if I did have children I’d do it the old-fashioned way and fall in love and get married and then have children.

“But I don’t know what the future holds. Maybe it’s on the cards for me or maybe it isn’t. But it doesn’t diminish me as a human being if it’s not.”

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