naomi wattsNaomi Watts has revealed she’s already lost the bulk of her pregnancy weight - a month after giving birth.

Naomi and partner Liev Schreiber welcomed their second son Samuel on the 13th December but told People magazine that the weight has just dropped off her.

She explained: “I’m breast feeding. And he’s sucking it all out of me, it seems. And when the baby comes out, it’s a lot of weight right there.”

She added that she’s surprised at the differences between newborn Samuel and his older brother, 18 month old Alexander: “They’re very different. Sammy’s more fragile, in a way. But I don’t know, maybe I’ve forgotten how small they are. Alexander is only 18 months old.”

But one thing is definitely the same about having a new baby in the house: “It’s f**king hard. So little sleep. It’s 23 hours and 59 minutes of exhaustion. But then they do one little thing in that last minute that is just so compelling and fascinating that it makes the other 23 hours and 59 minutes worthwhile.”