Nadine CoyleNadine Coyle has confirmed she’s going to try to start her acting career in 2009.

The Los Angeles-based Girls Aloud star was said to be hoping to make the hop to Hollywood when her time in the girl group eventually comes to an end - but now after her bandmates have had success with their own ventures - such as Cheryl Cole’s judging job on the X Factor, Nadine thinks she’ll be able to combine the two.

She’s quoted in the Daily Mail as saying: “Girls Aloud are going to have to work around me a bit [but] I’m really excited about it. We’ll have to see what happens.”

As well as acting, Nadine also has invested in a number of business ventures in her new home city including a Mexican restaurant.

She added: “I love being in LA and don’t feel the need to come back to the UK so much.”