Evangeline LillyLost star Evangeline Lilly has said she’s going to take a break from acting when the show ends in 2010 to become a charity worker.

Evangeline has previously said she fell into acting and recently explained that she wants to fall out of it again to pursue her other life dreams.

She said: “I intend on pursuing a lot of other things in my life. I’d love to have more time to devote to hobbies…

“Before the show I had intended to be some sort of humanitarian worker. I’ll definitely have more time to pursue more of that.

“[And] writing is my first and foremost passion - I can’t stop writing. I write all the time. So I want to try to either publish something I’ve written or sell a script or work on that.”

But she’s not turning her back on Hollywood completely: “The reality is when you open a door, there is no sense in closing it - so I would never say I’ll never act again. But it’s definitely not my priority.”