will smithWill Smith has said he thinks the world with change “forever” after Barack Obama becomes the 44th president of the USA tomorrow - and the nation’s first African-American leader.

The Seven Pounds star explained last week: “It’s not just revolutionary, it’s evolutionary.

“Never before in the history of the planet has someone, a group of people, moved from the slave class of empire to be elected to the top spot.

“It’s just such a huge moment for America and for the world, it’s something I believed was real and possible for so long.

“I carried myself around the world in that way as if it could be true, possible, so there’s a deep truth in me that was validated on [Election Day] November 4th.

“We watched it together as a family. With my kids it was no big deal, whereas for myself and for [wife] Jada, and even more so for our parents, who lived through the struggle for equality, it was so huge, but for our kids the world is different.

“[The world] has changed forever. The ideas and the fibres that are created for America have never been more true than today.”