Drew BarrymoreBest friends Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz have reportedly grown apart over the last year.

The pair bonded making Charlie’s Angels in 2000 and until recently “did everything together”, considering themselves to be like sisters - but a source at a Golden Globes afterparty at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles said the pair “stayed on opposite sides of the room the entire night”.

The source told OK magazine: “At one point Drew breezed by Cameron and didn’t even glance at her. It was obvious they’re not best buds any more.”

A source close to Cameron explained that since her dad Emilio’s sudden death last year: “She has become a more serious person. Drew can be silly and that’s just not where Cameron’s at.”

Cameron’s getting-serious romance with model Paul Sculfor is also said to have damaged their friendship: “Now that Cameron and Paul have moved in together, Drew’s kind of a third wheel.”

A source close to Drew added: “When they were both free and single after their long-term relationships ended [Cameron’s four year romance with Justin Timberlake and Drew’s five year’s with Fabrizio Morretti], they had a lot of fun together but things have moved on and their friendship has too.”